Nora, the oldest city of Sardinia and Pula shopping

Half day - 4 HRS - Bus + Guide.

From Cagliari, in 30 minutes we’ll arrive to our destination: the beautiful archaeological site of Nora, on a beautiful rocky promontory surrounded by the sea. Nora was the first city of the island, created by the Phoenicians. Once upon a time were existing three harbors: one sheltered from the west winds and the others two protected from the Mistral. The site has Carthaginian as well as Roman remains. After a period of Roman prosperity there was a decline, and in the 3rd century AD, the sea engulfed the city in a natural disaster. Still visible today are the remains of the Carthaginian warehouse and various Roman buildings, including baths with splendid mosaics and a theatre, almost completely intact dating from the height of the Empire. Some buildings can also be seen under the water. We will also be able to admire the external part of  the little church where, every year during the first day in May, important religious celebrations take place in the name of St. Efisio. Going back to the hotel there wi'll be the possibility to have a little shopping in the delicious Pula's Central Square.